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Office Based Treatments


We offer a number of surgical procedures here in our rooms. These are performed under local anaesthesia and avoid a hospital stay and can get you back to work fast. There is a growing popularity for procedures that can be done without a general anaesthetic. Private hospital costs are also increasing and these simple day procedures are sometimes not covered under insurance. Therefore if we can do your procedure here in our rooms we can save you money and ensure you a quick recovery.

Pillar Procedure

The Pillar Palatal Implant (PPI) procedure for snoring is a new procedure to New Zealand. Here in Christchurch our rooms was once again the first again to offer this to patients. The procedure involves insertion of Dacron (polyester) battens sized 2mm by 18mm into the soft palate to stiffen the soft palate and reduce snoring. We use a sterile delivery tool to implant the battens, usually five at the junction of your hard and soft palate.

It is a relatively painless procedure, taking about twenty minutes, and usually requires no time off work.  I had them done myself by a visiting expert from the States who I learned the procedure from. The day of the procedure I did a full clinic later that morning and an operating session that afternoon with just Panadol and Voltaren for pain relief. 

The implants are embedded in your palate and there is a scarring response which further stiffens your palate over the next few months. Good results are seen as early as a month after the procedure. I recommend a soft diet for 4 days to make sure the implants don’t move too much. We place you on simple pain killers, antibiotics and an antiseptic mouthwash.

Not everyone suits the pillar implant. If you have large tonsils and a large tongue base, then we may consider more definitive surgical options. Although the pillar implant can work in reducing Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, we are mainly recommending it for antisocial snoring. A pre-operative consultation will allow me to decide if this may be suitable for you. Of all the snoring procedures I have done in the rooms, this is by far the most minimally invasive and the best tolerated. We have the largest early series in NZ with this procedure and (including myself) have a solid success rate.

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