Tonsillar hypertrophy causing sleep disordered breathing problems such as Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) is an increasingly common diagnosis in children nowadays.

Tonsillectomy for the appropriate indications in the appropriate patient remains a safe technique. Pain is minimised with modern and specialised anaesthesia, careful technique, and good post-operative medication. Please contact us for detailed patient information sheets.

Voice problems and swallowing disorders are handled with endoscopic assessment and medical and surgical treatment, often in conjunction with a Speech and Language Therapist.

Snoring is a common but sometimes destructive phenomenon for the patient and his or her family or partner. I specialise in a range of snoring treatments that range from injection snoreplasty to more radical procedures such as uvulopalatopharyngoplasty.

Sleep studies such as overnight oximetry are recommended for anyone with snoring and daytime hyper somnolence (excessive sleepiness), in order to screen for OSA. These studies can be provided on site and may be covered by your medical insurance.

I continue to offer inexpensive treatment in the rooms to newborns with tongue tie (ankyloglossia) that interferes with breastfeeding.